Maple Broadband

Locally Rooted.
Globally Connected.

Bringing member towns the fast and reliable internet connectivity we need

Dependable internet service has never been more important. It ties us to our families, work, education, telemedicine, communities, and entertainment. Rural areas like Addison County have long been behind the curve when it comes to this essential connectivity but we’re here to change that. Maple Broadband is committed to getting member towns connected.

Driven by community

We are a local initiative, driven by our community and people like you.

Connectivity is essential

Connectivity creates opportunities for each of us. Work, education, healthcare, and community all depend on connectivity.

Bringing fiber to you

Really fast. Really reliable. Fiber gets it done.

Bridging the digital divide

Fast, reliable, and affordable internet is as much a necessity as electricity. Businesses need broadband internet to connect efficiently with suppliers and customers. Students require it for effective studying. Towns know it is necessary for keeping the next generation engaged and for attracting new residents, who will help keep our communities and our schools vibrant. The promise of modern communications has bypassed many rural communities. Maple Broadband is committed to ensuring that all Vermonters have access to this essential resource.

See what we can do

Our Goal is to Ensure Vermont’s
communities are connected…

With this connectivity in place, businesses will flourish. Students will continue to learn and grow. Communities will thrive. With high-speed, reliable internet for all unserved and underserved communities within our member towns, we will close the digital divide and level the playing field for a better future. Our interconnectivity needs will be met, ensuring all Vermonters can stay linked in.

…And we’re putting in the work
To make it happen.

Maple Broadband*** February 2, 2021