Maple Broadband

Location Connection Policy

Connecting to the Maple Broadband Network

To connect you to the internet, there are three primary components:

  1. The mainline fiber cable that runs along the road (usually on utility poles, but sometimes buried)
  2. The fiber cable that connects your location to the mainline fiber
  3. The electronics at your premises

Standard Installation

The fiber cable between your location and the nearest utility pole is called a “drop” and can be either aerial or buried.

Maple Broadband charges a standard installation fee. Included in this fee you receive:

  1. Electronics with built-in Wi-Fi
  2. Standard drop (aerial or buried) up to 400′ from the nearest mainline fiber pole or pedestal

Aerial drop: Included with your fiber internet installation. Maple Broadband installers will handle everything!

Buried drop: Businesses and homeowners can opt to have a buried drop. The fiber portion of the drop is included in the standard installation fee, but we require that conduit must be in place that meets our specifications before we can extend the drop and install services to you. Please see our full buried service requirements for more detail.

Non-Standard Installation and Extras

Every location is unique, and the installation requirements will vary. At Maple Broadband, we believe in full disclosure. No “hidden” fees or unexpected charges. When our crews come out to visit your location to discuss your installation, they will explain to you any additional requirements or costs.

Below are some additional costs and optional extras:

  1. Long drops. If the distance between your location and the nearest mainline fiber pole or pedestal is more than 400 feet, then extra fees apply. For reference, the nearest mainline fiber pole is usually where the electrical transformer that feeds your house is connected.
  2. Full-home Wi-Fi. Our standard installation includes Wi-Fi, but there may be areas of your house that are not covered. If necessary, additional Wi-Fi extenders or access points carry additional costs.
  3. In-home wiring/cabling. If you require extra cabling inside your home, this is an additional cost.
Maple Broadband*** July 21, 2023